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Beyond attracting new clients through your salon doors, keeping the ones you already have coming back is an all-too important task. Entrenched with perks such as loyalty, predictable revenue, opportunities for up selling and the chance to increase the frequency of their visits and more, ensuring your clients keep coming back is vital.


There are a myriad of ways to do this (great customer service being first and foremost), and one of those ways is through the software you utilise. Software brand Zenoti offers technology that specifically focuses on client retention.

The software offers built-in, seamless support for recurring memberships, automating the administrative tasks such as tracking balances and managing payments, even between different locations of a franchise. The software also offers gift card capabilities, through which the salon can sell membership, packages and cards online.

“Recurring memberships is a proven model that achieves healthy attributes in a spa and salon business, like customer loyalty, predictability of revenue and employee satisfaction,” said Saritha Katikaneni, VP of Marketing, Zenoti. “We see it as a trend that’s going global, and with Zenoti, smaller salons and spas are able to experiment with recurring memberships as easily as they might with series packages.”

Additionally to these features, Zenoti offers built-in email and text message campaigns, fluid inventory management with a centralised database, detailed and fully integrated analytics, data migration capabilities and premium customer service. The software was launched in 2010 to cater to the spa and salon industry, particularly franchises with multiple locales, based on the experiences of founders Sudheer and Dheeraj Koneru, who experienced the difficulties first hand of running a chain of multiple salons. The company, which is primarily based in America, now houses 7 global locations, including one in Sydney, finding particular success by catering to what salons really need.

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