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Boost Retail Sales, Marketing Inspiration & Operational Tips

Learn marketing and operational strategies that few spas, salons, and medspas do well but can be highly effective at increasing retail sales.

You’ve selected fantastic product lines, built a beautiful retail area, and trained your service providers and front desk to create a great salon, spa, or medspa brand. But, retail sales are stagnant. What else can you do to increase retail sales?

In this eBook, we share marketing and operational strategies that few spas, salons, and medspas do well but can be highly effective at increasing retail sales.

With Zenoti, You Can:

Set your emails on auto-pilot. Create your email templates once, and then let the system handle sending it out to the right guest at the right time. You can also sell retail products online making the entire refill process – from email to purchase – easy for the customer. Finally, Zenoti also enables you to create emails on the fly and send to targeted groups of guests that would be most receptive to a retail offer.

Set up the system to print ‘smart’ coupons for each guest. That is, each guest will receive promotions that are tailored to their visit and purchase history.

Design memberships your way, automatically apply member benefits at POS, and allow members to use benefits at any of your locations. Zenoti is the most advanced software in the industry to manage memberships.

Automate your entire loyalty program without burdening your staff with extra administrative work. Manually tracking and maintaining loyalty points for every guest can be an overwhelming and error prone task.

Access real-time stock levels at any time, receive alerts when stock is low, and run physical counts of stock with a wireless bar code scanner that makes the entire process fast and error-free.

While your service providers play a significant role in your retail success, you can also deploy a number of marketing and operational techniques to increase sales.

At Zenoti, we know that success depends on your ability to plan and execute. That’s why we’ve designed a software that reduces the time and effort to follow through on sophisticated marketing programs.

About Zenoti

Zenoti is the most advanced cloud-based, business software for spas, salons, and medi-spas. Trusted by 5000+ spas and salons across the world.

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Dominic Blake
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