Using SMS Features to Engage Customers with Messages of Thankfulness

Using SMS Features to Engage Customers with Messages of Thankfulness

Well, we’re into that time of the year where the person-to-person connection means everything. We see family and friends that we’ve maybe not hugged in years, see how tall the nieces and nephews and cousins have grown since we last visited, and we get to tell mom and dad, grandmas and grandpas, and aunt and uncles how much we care about them.

So you might ask what role texting and SMS has in this time of human connection. As it turns out, in the busy world of spas and salons this season, a lot!

Sometimes we can’t make it back to see our family and friends--or in our world, find the time to make that appointment we’ve been meaning to get to. When that happens, a quick text message to your customers telling them how much you appreciate them, and to come in when they get the time, can do the trick. Maybe that reminds them that they need to get in before the big holiday party. Or maybe it just makes them feel known, appreciated, and recognized for their business.

Texting can sometimes seem super impersonal. One word--no--one letter answers, and random emojis are the norm, especially if you have kids you’re trying to communicate with (believe me, I know). But an unexpected quick note just saying thank you and wishing them the best this holiday season can help ensure that you have a customer coming back in the new year!

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