Shopify Integration Offers Zenoti Customers Enhanced Ecommerce Features

zenoti shopify integration

We're pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive Zenoti Shopify integration to make it easier for Zenoti customers to leverage the popular ecommerce platform.Shopify currently powers over 600,000 businesses in approximately 175 countries, and is trusted by small businesses as well as large brands like Starbucks, Red Bull, Nestle, Rebecca Minkoff, Kylie Cosmetics and many more. Merchants can use the software to design, set up and manage their stores across multiple sales channels.

Single sign-on for guests

The Zenoti Shopify integration offers Zenoti customers the option to use Shopify for their online retail product and gift card sales, while continuing to use Zenoti’s webstore for online booking — all with a single sign-on for an elevated guest experience. Guests will transition seamlessly between Shopify and Zenoti, and all of their online purchase history will be stored in their guest profile in Zenoti. This will provide a “single point of truth,” enabling Zenoti customers to access all of their guests’ purchase and service history in Zenoti. This will allow Zenoti customers to better up-sell and cross-sell services and products in-store, and create targeted online marketing campaigns using guest purchase history across channels.

Improved retail experiences

The integration will also offer critical ecommerce features like automated product refill reminders that help Zenoti customers grow retail revenue in an increasingly competitive ecommerce landscape. Shopify allows business to sell products on multiples channels, including Amazon and Pinterest, to maximize retail product sales. The improved retail experience Shopify provides also helps salons and spas enhance their online customer experience and better compete with ecommerce powerhouses like Amazon.“As an enterprise software solution, Zenoti is in a unique position to partner with third-party software providers to ensure our customers have access to the best tools available for running their businesses,” said Sudheer Koneru, CEO at Zenoti. “Shopify is the leading ecommerce provider, and we’re pleased to bring their robust ecommerce tools to the Zenoti solution. Online retail sales are critical for the success of businesses of all sizes, and this integration gives our customers the tools they need to compete.”The Zenoti Shopify integration will be available to new and existing Zenoti customers in June.

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