Sell More Birthday Gift Cards with this One Easy Tip

Sell more birthday gift cards in your Spa and Salon

Marketing is most effective when you're able to send personalized messages to each one of your guests, at the right time. Zenoti gives you powerful customer targeting and automation capabilities to do just that.If a guest bought a gift card for a special someone last year, they're highly likely to do so again. All you need to do is remind them!For example, if your guest Chris bought his wife Jessica a birthday gift card last year, you’ll want to remind and encourage Chris to do the same this year. And taking this example further, you’ll want to remind every guest that purchased a gift card the previous year, to buy one again this year.

Reminder email to buy birthday gift card

With Zenoti, you can fully automate this, so that any reminder goes out exactly 10 days (or however many days in advance you want) before their purchase date the previous year.Do this for Birthday gift cards, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day. And watch your gift card sales grow!If you’re a Zenoti customer, contact support to learn how to set this up!If you’re not a Zenoti customer, request a demo - we’d love to show you how Zenoti can help you grow your business.

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