Protecting health--our coronavirus response

Protecting health--our coronavirus response

To our Zenoti community:

We frequently talk at Zenoti about what it means to feel good--your sense of health, well being, self-esteem, and purpose. This idea is more than a simple slogan on our website; it is fundamental to who we are and our purpose as an organization.

As you might know, many of our corporate functions are based in our office outside Seattle, WA. This area has been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus with more cases and, unfortunately, more deaths than any other state in the country. We have been closely following the federal and local health officials’ recommended actions and policies to limit the spread of this virus and the disease it causes. One such action is called, “social distancing.”

Although none of our employees are exhibiting signs of illness, we have had our Seattle employees working virtually from home since Friday of last week. So based on our philosophy of health, wellness, and well being, we are asking our employees to do their jobs from home rather than traveling around the city where they might unwittingly transmit the virus.

Many of you have inquired about the status of our Innovate User Conference, scheduled for September 14th here in Seattle. We were prepared to launch the conference and all the detailed planning around confirmed speakers are in place. However we have decided to wait on launching this event until we have a better sense of the situation in a few weeks.

Please know that we will provide the same levels of service and support that you’ve come to expect from Zenoti over the years. We are available online, by phone, through our website and email. Our other offices around the globe are open for business as usual. We will continue to meet all service-level agreements for support, business reviews, and visits. As an organization we have built a strong infrastructure that allows our teams to work virtually. We have seen no challenges so far in our Seattle office working virtually over the last week.

If you have any questions about our response or would like to speak to me personally, please know that we are here to continue to support your business through this uncertain time.

Sudheer Koneru
CEO, Zenoti

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