Multi-location med spa saves time and earns new clients with SMS and email messaging

By Emily Martin

April 28, 2017

Prettislim is a leading medical spa that takes customer service seriously. The company implemented Zenoti’s SMS and email capabilities to connect with current clients and follow up on leads while saving time and money. Today, Prettislim saves more than 4,000 hours of manpower annually by using Zenoti’s SMS and email campaign segmentation and automation, and can achieve their goals with better accuracy, reliability, and efficiency.

Prettislim is a multi-location med spa that helps clients reach slimming and body-shaping goals. One of the most important aspects of their business is keeping clients motivated through well-timed communication. In the past, Prettislim’s dieticians called clients daily to keep them on track, but this required a great amount of time and resources. On top of that, the marketing team had no way of making sure each client, or potential client, received the right messaging at the right time. Prettislim wanted to improve communications in the most efficient and effective way possible. Prettislim chose Zenoti because it allows them to automate and target messaging while managing all other aspects of their operations like appointment bookings, staff management, billing, online mobile booking, and inventory.

“We are using Zenoti to manage the operations at Prettislim, which includes lead management, follow ups, appointments, billing, and much more. Zenoti has helped us to manage our operations with ease and helped us to generate business.”

Dr. Puneet Nayak, Chief Medical Director at Prettislim

Vital to their decision was Zenoti’s built-in marketing capabilities and the ease of setting up campaigns. For instance, when a new customer registers for a series of slimming services, an automatic stream of motivational text messages is sent to her without any management from Prettislim’s staff.  With this ‘always on marketing’ feature, Prettislim staff can set up a campaign once and have confidence that the system will just work.

One of Prettislim’s most successful campaigns is a messaging stream for all new clients. Instead of a dietician calling to keep them on track, Prettislim automatically sends daily slimming tips via SMS or email without the drain on resources. The team at Prettislim also has success turning irregular clients into return clients through multiple campaigns, using parameters such as duration since a client’s last visit and a client’s average spend.  And enrollment in Slimming Packages is up at Prettislim after a successful birthday campaign. For this campaign, clients received a message 60 days before their birthday inviting them to enroll in a package before their special day.

“Birthday campaigns, anniversary emails, or even ‘We miss you’ campaigns would not be possible without the automatic nature of Zenoti’s solution”, says Dr. Nayak. “Zenoti helps us send more personalized communication to our clients, allowing us to strengthen the brand and connect with our clients.”

Prettislim has saved more than 4,000 hours of manpower annually by using Zenoti’s SMS and email campaign features like segmentation and automation. With Zenoti, Prettislim achieves their goals with better accuracy, reliability, and efficiency.

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Emily Martin

Copywriter, Zenoti

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