Meet Zenoti's New VP of Customer Success

By Emily Martin

November 17, 2017
Michael Meulemans

Michael Meulemans joined Zenoti as the new vice president of Customer Success in May. We sat down with him to learn more about his background, how he envisions customer success and his first priority in his new role.

1. We’re thrilled to have you on board. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

I'm so excited to be a part of the Zenoti family. I've spent the past 25 years building software in various senior product management roles. I spent 17 years at Microsoft shipping operating systems in the Windows Client and Server groups, and then the past 8 years at a small shopper marketing and analytics software company where I built software technology solutions for big retail brands like Walmart and Albertsons. I'm very happily married and have a wonderful 8-year-old son named Jordan. I graduated from the University of Washington's College of Engineering, I’m a passionate Husky football fan, and I love sports and fitness.

2. What excited you about the opportunity to join Zenoti?

I believe the health and wellness industries are ripe for disruptive innovation, and I'm passionate about solving tough problems at massive scale — exactly what Zenoti is focused on! As I mentioned earlier, I also love personal health and fitness, so the space is extremely interesting to me. I was also really jazzed about the fantastic, smart and passionate people I'd be working with. I worked with Sudheer 20 years ago, so recalling all the wonderful time we spent together building software at Microsoft was an added bonus.

3. What does customer success mean to you?

Put simply, customer success means two things for me: enabling breakthrough results and growing revenue for Zenoti's customers. Customer Success starts first and foremost with delighting customers — helping them succeed through genuine, high-quality relationships and solutions that solve real problems.

4. What are the most critical aspects of customer success?

I believe there are three critical aspects to customer success:

  • Staying close to the customer: Deeply understanding their opportunities, always listening, speaking your customer's language and consistently investing in trusted relationships. I'm a firm believe in keeping things simple wherever possible.
  • Extreme focus on measurable results: At the end of the day, customers care about results they can quantify and easily understand. Results can include heightened revenue, improved customer experiences or more efficient operational processes, to name a few.
  • Hand in hand with engineering. While the first two success factors start with the customer, the remaining one is internal. I strongly believe that in order to bring the most value to our customers, a Customer Success organization must work hand-in-hand with the product team and engineering. This relationship fosters an efficient closed-loop feedback system that helps ensure customers know you’re listening and appropriately acting on their feedback.

5. What’s your first priority in your new role at Zenoti?

I'd say my first priority is to spend time getting to know our customers and their businesses — face-to-face wherever possible! Learning how customers are using Zenoti to drive their businesses, understanding their challenges and opportunities using our software, experiencing their services firsthand and using their products. My priorities all start with learning about our customers.

6. What’s something that might surprise us about you?

I spent close to half my life growing up in Honolulu, Hawaii, on an island, surrounded by beaches — but I can't surf! My 8-year-old son surfs better than I do ... Aloha!

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