July Product Update: What's New in Your Zenoti Software

What's New in July 2018

The July product update includes changes to the front desk experience with gift cards, new target segmentsand more.

Appointment Book

Enhancements to Front Desk Experience with Gift Cards

We’ve reimagined how gift cards are sold in-store and rebuilt the sale process from the ground up. While retaining all the current capabilities, we have enhanced gift cards to support the following:

  • Changed the checkbox label “one-time use” to “Expires after single use”. If you do not sell single-use gift cards, you can hide the checkbox altogether so that it does not appear in the POS.
  • In addition to selling gift cards with a monetary value, or with specific services you can  associate day packages with a gift card. Guests can also purchase multiple quantities of the same service on a gift card.
  • When selling service or day package gift cards, you can include a gratuity amount.
  • When clients specify the gift card recipient, they can choose to send an email for a scheduled date and include a personal message.
  • The Gift card look up screen (Appointment Book > Prepaid/Gift Card Details menu) has been redesigned so that information is more easily accessible for the front desk. This screen will now also show the redemption history on the gift card. To learn more, read the help article.

Transfer Loyalty Points to a Gift Card

Allow Loyalty Points Redemption on Gift Cards

You can now allow your front desk to convert a client’s loyalty points to a gift card. This supports a loyalty program that might reward a $25 gift card for every 1,000 points. Zenoti treats this conversion as a redemption of loyalty points. To learn more, read the help article


This release introduces two new target segments:

  • You can now create a customer segment based on the amount spent on retail. This helps you design marketing campaigns to target these customers. Access this new rule from Custom Target Segment > Spend > Spend by Product. To learn more, read the help article
  • A common challenge is when a popular service provider leaves, they take their loyal clientele with them. You can now create a segment of users that have seen a specific provider a defined number of times. This enables you to target them with a communication or promotion to ensure your customers continue to remain loyal to your brand. Access this new rule from: Custom Target Segment > Visits > Appointment Count. To learn more, read the help article.


Manage Commissions With Business Cost Deductions

Previously, Zenoti allowed a business to deduct a specified amount from a service price, which impacted a provider’s commission amount. For example, if a service is priced at $100, and the deduction was set to $10, the provider would earn commission on $90. This was specific to a new guests’ visit. This has now been extended to support visits from new as well as existing guests. You can now choose to deduct costs for all guests or limit it to new guests.Note: You can now specify a percentage amount instead of a flat amount for the deduction. To learn more, read the help articleTo learn more about the July product update, including the minor enhancements, read the support article.

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