Get the Most Out of SMS Marketing

Get the Most Out of SMS Marketing

Most businesses have a pretty well thought out email marketing strategy. But what if there were a  powerful marketing channel that could outperform email on many metrics? Enter SMS marketing.  According to Gartner, text open rates can be as high as a whopping 98%! This high open rate can be attributed primarily to the fact that most people receive fewer texts than email (meaning less content to wade through) and that texts are more interruptive.

However, this also means that SMS marketing has a much higher unsubscribe rate, especially when too many messages are being sent. Research has shown that increasing the message frequency from once every 28 days to once every 14 days raises unsubscribe rates by 40%!

What this means is that SMS marketing, whilehighly effective, is only effective when used as a scalpel, not a bludgeon. Itis best used for content that provides high value to the recipient and is alsotime sensitive. For example, limited time deals, personalized offers ornotifications, or information that leads to an immediate call to action aregreat examples of proper messages. Once you have determined your content andthe frequency of your messages, you need to be sure those messages getdelivered as intended.

Be highly selective with your target segments.

As mentioned, SMS is a highly effective butinterruptive channel. This means that a tighter segmentation  is needed to ensure the highest relevance forthe recipient.  Tailoring your message toa very specific audience will  increasedeliverability and conversion rates. With SMS marketing, it is more effectiveto send out multiple smaller campaigns rather than one large campaign. If it isnecessary to reach a wider audience, consider using email instead.

Avoid marketing keywords.

Carriers are very sensitive to being perceivedas spammy. Even though more than 75% of consumers are typically willing toreceive marketing texts, they are not willing to be bombarded at the samefrequency or saturation as email. In order to maximize the deliverability of aspecific text, avoid overuse of obvious marketing words such as “on sale”,”discount”, “promotional offer”, etc. Focus your message on a value add.

Avoid obvious URLs.

Carriers take the safety of their consumersseriously, and there is a high risk when a SMS being sent includes URLs. It isdifficult to make sure that these are safe to click through, and so carrierswill usually err on the side of safety. If you must send out URLs with your SMSmarketing, strongly consider paying for short codes instead.

Content should be applicable to all localities.

Aslaws vary from country to country, take the time to learn what is allowed inyour target audience. Carriers do not want to facilitate illegal activities somake sure that the offering is legal in all localities receiving your message.Be aware of opt-in only countries and always ensure your terms and conditionsare up to date and easy to find on your website.

In an increasingly connected world, make sure you are getting through the clutter and reaching your customers with SMS marketing.

Discover more some tried-and-true tools and best practices to help you supercharge your marketing here.

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