Feature Updates in Zenoti – Oct 2012

By Emily Martin

January 16, 2015

Appointment Book

Create Custom Packages

Want to create a special package for a guest as per her specific needs since the standard packages are not adequate? Front office can now create custom packages for guests ‘on-the-fly’. The custom package is only available for a guest and cannot be reused. Now, cater to every guest’s individual needs and preferences by customizing a package for them with ease.

Merging Guest Records

Have too many duplicate guest records created in your system? Merge duplicate guest records data such as active memberships, packages enrolled and gift cards and coupons allocated into a single record. As and when they find them, front office can now easily maintain data accuracy by merging duplicate guest records created due to typos, new phone numbers, and so on.

Supporting multiple loyalty point types

Guests can accrue loyalty points through multiple loyalty point promotions, if the center configures overlapping loyalty point promotion programs. At the time of billing, the front office and customer can choose from which loyalty points program the redemption happens.

Lock Editing of Transaction below a Set Date

Various transactions in Zenoti can be edited and back dated by administrators - such as register closures, purchase order creation, raised, and delivery dates, employee attendance for past dates, and so on. You can now set a lock date at the organization level, such that inadvertently no transactions can be backdated before the set date for any of the centers in the organization. Further, a lock date can also be set at each center level.

Auto Creation of Membership Renewal Opportunities

Zenoti now automatically creates an ‘opportunity’ in the Sales module for any membership that is about to expire. A sales owner defined at the center level is also automatically assigned to the opportunity. Now, do not miss any membership renewals and automatically track membership renewal for each guest through Zenoti.


More power to Marketing Campaigns

Want to run a special offer or deal only for customers that have booked their appointments through the customer mobile application? For example, to promote your guests to book appointments through their mobile phones, you could give them a discount of 10% off on all services. Now, do this with ease by tying the 10% off campaign to only customers that have booked their appointments through the customer application.Marketing campaigns are tied to discounts for a particular target segment. Now, also offer loyalty points as benefits of marketing campaign.

Using One-time Password (OTP) for Redemption

Guests can often send their family and friends to use their membership benefits, if the membership allows more members. At the time of billing, now front office can generate an OTP for redemption from membership credits, package services, or prepaid and gift cards. The OTP is sent to the guest’s mobile number and can be configured to have an expiry. Only when the family member or friend tells the OTP code, the payment is processed. This ensures the guest always approves the redemption and minimizes the focus on membership cards. No more carrying around membership cards, swiping the cards at the reception, also ensures added security when using membership benefits.


Create Meaningful Referral Source and Track Usage

Most organizations rely on referral sources to obtain new guests. Now create referral sources that are relevant to your business – like “Times of India advert”, “TV advertisement”, etc. The front office can track referrals for new guests as per these choices. Track the source of all new walkins through the Referral Source report to know which marketing efforts are bringing in more new guests to your center.


Showing collections in tax reports – For tax related reports, you can choose to display tax based on all collections and not just closed invoices in the tax time period.

New report – Appointment feedback report allows you to look at how many customers did not fill the customer feedback form, how many recommended, and so on.

New report – Service request report allows you to track how many appointments were booked through the customer application, and so on.

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