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Dermal Laser Centre is a leading medical spa that offers laser hair removal, botox and skin rejuvenation services. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Dermal Laser has won many awards.

I spoke to Gina Henderson, Operations Manager. In this case study, Gina shares how Dermal Laser has improved the customer experience and expanded their business with Zenoti.

Why did you choose Zenoti over any other software?

We have been in business for 15 years and were looking to upgrade our software because the old program did not fulfill our needs anymore. Our challenge in finding a new program was to find a solution that could elegantly accommodate multiple locations. For example, we needed to be able to look inside each other's clinics, and see what was going on at all times at the other clinic.

We were comparing 8 different systems initially and Zenoti stood out from the rest due to it's multi-location capabilities as well as the professional and personal interaction we had with all of the staff.

Can you talk about one of the benefits you've seen with Zenoti?

The system saves our staff a lot of time. For example, many of our services are sold in packages of 4 or 5 treatments. Prior to Zenoti, the only way we had of tracking any outstanding treatments was through maintaining physical charts. We stored files for clients with active packages from the past 2 years in the clinic and anything older had to be stored off-site because of space limitations.

If a client called to find out how many treatments they had remaining, we would have to go off-site and go through the boxes to retrieve the chart. This could be very tedious, especially if the client had not been in for a few years. With Zenoti, we’re able to store all the information within the program. Now, it takes less than one minute to retrieve that information.

Another example of the time saving that Zenoti has afforded us, are the text message appointment confirmations that are sent to each client automatically. Before Zenoti, staff would spend approximately 1 hour a day calling clients to confirm their appointments. Now, it is all automated.

This system makes us more current with what’s going in the industry and how people expect to be communicated with today.

Are there any changes or additions you've made because of Zenoti?

The ability to run reports in the system gives us opportunities we didn't have before. For example, we recently had a new manager join the team. He asked for the value of all the pre-paid treatments that are outstanding. I was able to look it up in minutes – for the first time in 15 years, we have the capability to do this.

We're also using Zenoti to manage our inventory, including individual prices, cost and retail products. It makes it very easy for us to track previous purchases in order to do follow up sales calls.

We do a physical count of our professional and retail products at the end of each month. The data goes directly into Zenoti at which time the system runs the audit and alerts us of any discrepancies with expected stock levels. We can use the reports that the system generates to trace the flow of each product from the time it came in to the time it was either used or sold. This helps us in finding the exact problem area if there is a discrepancy.

The system also allows us to easily transfer products between locations. This helps to keep both clinics running seamlessly.

Before Zenoti, we did all of our auditing manually; now all of this information is stored accurately and is easily accessible. Our accountant who is off-site can log in at any time and check the stock levels.

What do you plan to do next?

We're presently working on setting up our first marketing campaign from within the system. There's so much in Zenoti, and we plan to fully utilize its wide breadth of capabilities.

Any last comments?

We are extremely happy with the Zenoti software. But what we're most impressed by is the very personal customer care we receive from them. Beginning-to-end, Zenoti has given us peace of mind.

To learn more about what Zenoti can do for your business, request a demo.

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