Customize Your Appointment Book Colors For Smarter Guest Management

Who doesn't love colors - especially when they help you run your business better.

We’ve given you more control in one of the most important part of your daily operations - the appointment book. Color coding helps you process information faster, get things done quickly.

With Zenoti’s appointment book, you can choose what the color coding on your appointment book represents as well as choose the colors that work best for your team.

The following article, outlines 4 ways to use color coding in your appointment book to better personalize experiences, upsell and streamline your operations.


By default, your appointment blocks are color coded to reflect the status of an appointment. With a quick glance, your front desk can process and identify what action you need to take.

For example, an orange block indicates that an appointment was booked, but not confirmed. If your business process is to confirm all appointments in the morning or the day before, the color coding helps manage the status of each appointment. Some regions support 2 way SMS (text message), in which case you can have Zenoti automatically send an appointment confirmation through SMS, and accept the guest’s response through SMS.

Regardless of the system you implement, the process of appointment confirmation helps reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations.

Other color codes in the appointment book let you know if a guest is checked-in and on premise. On the flip side - a glance at the appointment book lets you know if a guest has not checked in on time for their appointment - so you can call and find out if they are coming in.

A block that is red indicates an alert that the payment is received for the appointment but guest feedback has not been captured. The front desk will know to follow up with the guest to enter feedback.

Discover more regarding appointment colors here.


Busy salons and spas often need multiple checks to ensure the right services are assigned to appropriate service providers. For example, if you offer hair, skin and body services, you might assign each of those types of services a unique color. A quick glance at the appointment book should show that each service provider is assigned only one color of appointment blocks.

You can define colors for a service category or subcategory. Click on the “toggle” icon in the menu bar to to see appointment block colors by services.

Find more about service category or subcategory colors here.



If you’re a membership driven business, you can have the appointment blocks reflect the guest’s membership level. This indicates to the front desk what type of conversation, upsell or cross-sell they should have with each client.

Discover how to color your membership appointment here.


You can override an appointment block’s color to call attention to that customer’s visit. For example, if a guest is a VIP, or has special needs, the front desk can change the appointment category to indicate some special attention is required. This is also helpful when your front desk is completing her shift, and can keep the incoming employee aware of the attention required for an ongoing appointment.

Learn more about appointment categories colors here.

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