Celebrating How Beauticians Impact Our Lives

Celebrating How Beauticians Impact Our Lives - Zenoti's Salon Management Software

Recognizing the positive impact of beauticians on our lives, today we’re celebrating National Beautician’s Day!

Beauticians – from hair stylists to nail technicians – impact our lives in ways we notice immediately. They boost our confidence, allowing us to think more positively about ourselves. In turn, we are empowered to have a positive impact on those around us.

Beauticians help us feel good, so we can find our greatness.

Have any doubts on the impact of beauticians in our lives?

A 2019 study conducted in the United Kingdom found that 81% of men feel most confident in the two-week period following a haircut or beard trim. The study also found eight out of ten men feel more confident in social situations when they have a fresh haircut. Altogether, 84% of men admitted negative feelings when they go too long without a fresh haircut or beard trim.

In a recent study, OnePoll and European Wax Center, a Zenoti customer, found 75% of women have a regular self-care routine – including getting a wax – to feel good about themselves. The 2019 study also found 58% of women believe confidence helps boost their sociability. About 40% of women identified getting a haircut as a “feel-good way” to quickly boost their confidence.

Beauticians make our days by taking genuine interest in our lives. Their kindness often inspire us to be kind to others. Hair stylist and salon owner David Wagner’s inspiring story provides a perfect example. Wagner’s story – told in his book, Life as a Daymaker: How to Change the World by Making Someone’s Day – inspired the “Daymaker” movement, a philosophy on how simple acts of kindness make a profound difference in our world. Read Wagner’s inspiring story here

Taking time to take care of ourselves makes us feel better, boosting our confidence and improving our social interactions. Beauticians make it all possible.

So, here’s to the beauticians in our lives!

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