Can One System Run 3 Businesses Under the Same Roof?

See how SOAP in the Netherlands leverages Zenoti to manage their growing spa, salon, and medspa operations.

We get the chance to serve a lot of different customers here at Zenoti, but rarely do we find a customer that seems to be a one-stop shop for wellness and beauty. So I’m super excited to introduce you all to SOAP, a beauty and wellness mecca in the Netherlands.In working with SOAP we really have the chance to help them leverage functionality from across the platform--they not only are a salon for hair, nails, and waxing, but a spa as well as a medspa, where their “Doctors at Soap” perform a number of different skin treatments for their clients.As Marlous says it right at the beginning, “because Zenoti offers automated processes, we have more time to spend on our customers!” And when you’re growing as fast as SOAP is these days, you need a system that provides your guests with the modern experience they expect, while managing and maintaining the back office operations. All while continuing to grow your client base.Take a listen to the video to get an idea of the benefits that Zenoti is bringing to this awesome customer:

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