3 Things You May Not Know About Service Segments

Service segments are used by most salons to group multiple services into a 'master' service. For example, a color and cut is generally made up of the service segments: Color, Processing Time, Wash, Cut & Blow Dry.

The front desk staff has flexibility when managing service segments, for example, they can assign different service providers for each service segment. What's less known however is that Zenoti uses built in intelligence to support service segments when a guest books online as well as your receptionists' booking experience when using the Zenoti Booking Wizard.

1. Utilize Processing Times

Your receptionists likely already knows that they can make use of a stylist's availability when their customer is in their processing time. That is, they can accommodate another appointment request that comes if it fits into the duration for the processing time.

When the receptionists uses the Booking Wizard or if a guest books online, Zenoti is smart enough to consider the processing time as available for the stylist. This is perfect for busy salons looking to maximize their appointment book.

2. Customize Service Segment Times

Zenoti allows you to customize the duration time for each service segment. Further, you can customize it for each service provider. Your star providers may work faster than new providers.

3. Flexibility With End 0f Shifts

Some services that use service segments may end with a service that doesn't require the provider. In these circumstances, you can choose if you want the Booking Wizard and Online Booking to allow a service to be booked with a provider whose shift ends before that last service segment.


Advanced intelligence with service segments are just one example of how Zenoti simplifies salon operations and the customer experience.

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