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We're a team small on egos and big on passion. Our vision is to lead the beauty and wellness industry's technology revolution.

Our story

Our founders experienced first-hand the difficulty in running a chain of spa, salon and fitness centers. The industry lacked software that was reliable, easy to use, and supported the whole eco-system of a thriving spa and salon business. Further, there simply was no affordable software available that supported the needs of a multi-location chain.

They went back to their professional roots in enterprise software, and founded Zenoti. The vision was to combine their expertise in technology and beauty and wellness, to build a powerful, cloud-based solution that was simple to use.


Zenoti today

We've grown since 2010, but our mission remains the same. Today, Zenoti is used by over 5,000 businesses in 32 countries. We're most proud to work with great brands that represent leaders in the beauty and wellness space. And to serve businesses of all sizes from chains with hundreds of locations to a family owned, single location brand.

Our enterprise class software reflects innovations that are transforming expectations in our industry. Zenoti's 'all-in-one' approach has enabled our clients to achieve real business results, things like increasing customer spend, customer retention, and dramatically improving employee performance.

Key facts




Bellevue, USA 


32+ countries


Beauty, wellness, fitness




99.9% uptime

Our leadership

Our leadership team brings a wealth of experience in building enterprise technology and successful companies.

Before Sudheer co-founded Zenoti, he led a large part of the team that developed the Windows operating system 
and founded an enterprise software company (now SumTotal), which he helped grow to $100 million.

Ready for a “break,” Sudheer turned his attention to wellness and eventually launched a successful chain of health clubs, spas and salons.

Not surprisingly, Sudheer wasn’t satisfied with any software for his new business — and so Zenoti was born.

Sudheer is an avid runner and student of yoga, which helps him keep his zen. 

Sudheer Koneru

Sudheer Koneru

CEO & Co-Founder

Prior to co-founding Zenoti, Anand spent 20 years leading global teams in the development of enterprise software solutions.

At SumTotal, he served as VP of Products, where he built an enterprise solution used by more than 20 million users.
Before that, he worked on Windows System Restore at Microsoft.

Anand is our resident vegan evangelist, fitness champion and all-around nice guy.


Anand Arvind

VP – Customer Success & Co-Founder

As a co-founder, Dheeraj set much of Zenoti’s vision and product design in place. Today, he’s driving astounding year-over-year  growth
by combining his deep understanding of the beauty and wellness industry with his expertise in technology.

Before Zenoti, Dheeraj led SumTotal’s Professional Services group, worked at tech giants like Microsoft,
and co-founded a chain of health clubs, spas and salons. He also earned a Ph.D. in particle physics from Cornell University.

Today, Dheeraj is our resident Leonardo Da Vinci: He’s brilliant at just about everything he sets his mind to!

Dheeraj Koneru

Dheeraj Koneru

VP – Global Sales & Co-Founder

As a co-founder, Saritha’s led many facets of Zenoti's business, including operational processes and product design.

Now, she’s driving demand generation and brand awareness at Zenoti so that the world (literally the entire globe) of
wellness and beauty knows just how much they can expect from technology.

Before Zenoti, Saritha served as managing director for SustainLane, a media company that promoted sustainability,
co-founded a chain of fast-casual restaurants, and led product marketing and digital marketing at SumTotal.

Saritha gets her zen on while reading, reflecting, moving and creating.

Saritha Katikaneni

Saritha Katikaneni

VP – Marketing & Co-Founder

As VP of Product Management, Vamshi brings innovation to the forefront of Zenoti’s solutions.

Before Zenoti, Vamshi’s 20-year career spanned the gamut from working with Microsoft in leadership roles to
founding and holding C-level roles at tech startups like Your Man In India.

Vamshi is an avid cyclist and golfer, and is a generally outdoorsy, invigorate your mind and body kind of guy.

Vamshi Reddy

Vamshi Reddy

VP – Product Management

Responsible for Zenoti’s implementation services, Venkat is our clients’ partner in success.

Venkat leads his team in providing change management for new clients, including tackling data migration services, setup and onboarding.

Before Zenoti, he led on-demand operations, services and product development at CoreLogic, and he previously held the role of VP of Customer Services at SumTotal.

Venkat practices transcendental meditation to keep his zen, and is a Marvel universe fan!

Venkata Ramanan Sankaran

Venkata Sankaran

VP – Global Services

As VP of Products, Mrityunjay drives the engineering, design and operations of the Zenoti solution.

Before Zenoti, Mrityunjay spent more than  20 years working at multiple startups and large companies,
including Microsoft, in senior leadership roles in India, China and the U.S.

Mrityunjay is a career coach, teacher and writer, and he’s passionate about K-12 education.

Mrityunjay Kumar

Mrityunjay Kumar

VP – Products

As VP of Customer Support, Brian is responsible for delivering world-class customer support.

Brian has been in the software industry for more than 20 years, building teams that implement and support software
at large and small businesses. He joined Zenoti in 2016 after serving in various operations functions at Microsoft,
and before that he led teams performing professional services and support at SumTotal.

Brian loves motorcycling, and takes one long solo road trip every summer.
He also enjoys traveling with his family to warm, sunny places to get a break from the Seattle rain.

Brian Gordon

Brian Gordon

VP - Customer Support

As VP of Customer Success, Michael is responsible for ensuring Zenoti customers are successful,
and that Zenoti software provides solutions that result in revenue growth.

Prior to Zenoti, Michael served as the vice president of technical product management at DS-IQ,
where he built products and solutions for companies like Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and Albertsons.
Before that, he spent 17 years at Microsoft in senior program management roles across Windows Server and Client.

Michael is passionate about fitness, sports (especially baseball) and cheering on his son’s little league team.

Brian Gordon

Michael Meulemans

VP - Customer Success

As Chief Architect, Srinivas is responsible for data analytics and overall system architecture. This includes leveraging techniques
for mining insights from the large datasets collected by Zenoti, and evolving the design of Zenoti’s platform and applications.

A seasoned developer, Srinivas worked for 17 years at Microsoft followed by four years at Nutanix. His experience spans
cloud computing platforms and services, distributed systems, data analytics, emerging technologies and research.

Srinivas loves Indian classical music but doesn’t love to cook. His wife is a Montessori teacher, and as a consequence, he is a lifelong student.

Brian Gordon

Srinivas Aiyar

Chief Architect

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Backed by top-tier investors with over $21 million in funding.


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