Highlighting important key performance indicators

With KPIs, you can measure business progress. The report includes the KPIs that matter most to beauty and wellness businesses: revenue per store, provider-led retail sales, repeat guest rate, and more.

Fact: 83% of guests want mobile booking for visits

Online booking is business-critical, but it's not the only reason to prioritize your digital experience. Read the report for more details.

Provider utilization matters to daily profit

Top performers have provider utilization rates ranging from 74 to 97% depending on the type of business. Find data for your vertical in the report.

Fact: Gift cards drive new business

Key finding: 21% of gift cards are redeemed by first-time customers. See gift card sales figures for businesses making the most of this guest acquisition strategy.

"Understand your business, market(s), competitors, and most importantly – your customers. Benchmark against the best. Avoid 'internal' benchmarks… they may be close, but don't really cut it – especially true for growth companies."

David Crisalli
beauty and wellness industry veteran;
former CEO, Massage Envy

Unlock access today

The 2023 Beauty and Wellness Benchmark Report includes industry data across 12 key performance metrics. See how your business compares, and how to improve.

  • Check metrics like average ticket size, utilization rate, and guest no-show rates for top performers, high achievers, and the industry average.
  • Learn which types of businesses saw the greatest increase in guest visits in 2022.
  • See the financial benefits of a membership model.
  • Identify gaps in your online reputation management and how to close them.
  • See which actions you can take for higher guest spending.
Yours for the taking: The 2023 Beauty and Wellness Benchmark Report.

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