Welcome customers to book and shop 24/7

Customers increasingly book and shop online. Meet their expectations and exceed them with Zenoti Webstore. Available to serve customers 24/7, our online booking feature meets even the most complex of scheduling nuances to maximize your appointment book yield. The Webstore also supports gift card purchases, memberships, referrals, and much more. The branded look and feel creates a seamless experience for customers who visit your site.

Books like your best receptionist

Zenoti's online booking feature solves even the most complex of scheduling nuances to maximize your appointment book yield. Our smart algorithms factor in gaps between services, order of services, processing times, provider priority, break times, and much more. Apply member pricing, customer or provider-specific pricing, gift card redemption, and more nuances into bookings.

Expand online buying options for your customers

Customers want robust options to buy online. The newest version of Zenoti Webstore offers a host of fresh features to make it easy: social sign-in options, gift cards, service packages, memberships, referrals, time-based discounts, and more. Make purchases fast and easy through your branded Webstore.

Give your customers the booking flexibility they want. ~76% of salon and spa clients prefer to book online, and ~46% of bookings happen outside of business hours.

Anywhere, any time, any device

Zenoti Webstore serves customers at any time, anywhere, from any device-including outside of business hours. The intuitive mobile-friendly branded interface makes booking and purchasing a breeze for customers and allows them to easily check their history and rebook previous services.

Our newest Webstore features have helped Zenoti customers realize ~20% higher spends, a ~70% online booking rate, and a ~76% higher share of bookings post-COVID.

Making it easy to extend your brand online and grow

Customer Preferences
Take care of customer preferences like multiple-service selection, add-ons, gender-based provider selection, and more.
Style it your way
Infuse every screen with your brand's essence - create a fully branded experience.
The more, the merrier
Online booking supports couples and group booking.
Mobile responsive
Avoid drop-offs. ~58% of customers book on mobiles.
Accelerate your e-commerce strategy
With Shopify, you can start, run, and grow your online business within minutes.
Higher spends
Customers who book online come back more frequently and spend more.

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