A marketing engine that fills your appointment book

Bringing back customers takes time away from running your business. Zenoti Smart Marketing helps you get this time back by filling your appointment book. Smart marketing automates email marketing efforts by managing your content, target segments, timing, and context of these campaigns.  

Streamline your marketing efforts with the appointment book

Smart Marketing knows your schedule. It assesses your daily appointments and runs promotions based on services and employee utilization

Use personalized campaigns to increase revenue

The platform uses deep-dive analytics to personalize campaigns with right offers and promotions that will encourage your customers to pick up the phone and make their next booking.

Delight your customers with an integrated customer experience

Deliver seamless experience with webstore integration and offer quick one step online booking using promotional offers.

With Smart Marketing, drive retention focused marketing efforts

Send emails daily based on empty slots
Drive effective drip campaigns


Improve customer retention and loyalty
Maximize return by spending only when you earn revenue
"Not many operations have an all-inclusive suite of tools to be able to support our business. The one thing about Zenoti, with smart marketing gives us the ability to build campaigns and reach our consumers in a very personalized way."
Dave Mortensen, Co-Founder and President, Self Esteem Brands

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