Manage Customer Packages with Ease

Zenoti’s dynamic and elegant package builder offers a hassle-free way to create and manage multiple types of packages at various price points to target all sets of guests. Build customer loyalty and generate cash flow with Zenoti Packages.

Increase efficiency and cash flow

Manage multiple combinations of treatment and pricing options through system automation, with minimal staff training.

Series packages

Offer your customers a “series” package (two or more sessions of the same service) to capture more revenue—for example, five laser sessions for legs, or four skin peel treatments.

Customized packages

Enter a customer’s treatments and quantity, and Zenoti auto-prices the package while determining discounts based on volume.

Easily record and redeem services

The Zenoti POS automatically tracks each customer’s package usage to redeem and record services against package benefits. Maintain accurate records of package balances and ensure efficiency of payments, refunds, and exchanges at the front desk.

Drive revenue with special offers

Boost sales by providing special services only through packaging.

A smooth experience for providers and clients

Account tracking

Zenoti automatically redeems and records services against package benefits, and customers can lookup their package usage online.

Sell packages online

Capture more sales by offering prospects and clients the option to buy services online and through the customer mobile app.

SMS verification

Add an SMS verification step to your package redemption process to confirm a client’s identity.

Member benefits

Automatically apply benefits and discounts for package holders on additional services or retail.

Auto-freeze packages

Automatically freeze an inactive customer’s package, and unfreeze it when the customer returns.

Flexible pay schedules

Increase customer loyalty by offering flexible payment schedules, including options for partial payment and paying on installments.

Transfer credits

Allow guests to share service credits with their friends and family members.

Day packages

Sell a combination of services that guests can book at a discounted price and render on the same day, thus encouraging higher average invoice prices.

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