Help your customers instantly share their favorite experiences

Extend your brand beyond the storefront with virtual gift cards. Wherever your customer is, whenever the inspiration strikes, they can instantly gift cards redeemable for custom amounts, services, and packages across locations - fully branded in your style. Drive additional revenue and expand your customer base. Create a heartfelt experience with occasion-based templates and a personalized message from the giver to the recipient.

Gift flexibility with anamount gift card

The most flexible Zenoti gift card option, an amount card allows customers to gift a specific amount redeemable for any product, service, or package across your locations. Make choosing a gift as easy as possible with set amount options or allow custom amounts. Recipients can check the gift card value balance.

Gift an experience with aservices gift card

You know the services your customers prefer and what makes the most popular package. Allow customers to instantly share the experiences they love with gift cards for services, packages, or special occasions like holidays and graduations. You may choose to include the tip amount on the card for extra convenience.

Brands who offer Zenoti gift cards see over 180% jump in gift card revenue during holiday months. ~65% of customers who receive a gift card spend ~40% more than the card value.

Easy marketing solutions

Zenoti’s unified platform makes cards redeemable at any center, on any device, regardless of where they are purchased. Envision your concepts, create them, and market your experiences, all within one system. Make just the right impression on the recipient with personalized design and delivery of gift cards. Givers may schedule the delivery and personalize to the occasion withdesigns and a personal message.

How about some ideas?

You can choose to market cards for a variety of occasions, including, but definitely not limited to:
Christmas/Holiday Season
Mother’s and Father’s Day
Valentine’s Day

Customers can purchase gift cards on your Webstore 24/7

Easy configuration
Define usage criteria, restrict to locations, and more

Fully branded
Stay on top of the customer’s mind

Hassle-free for staff, too
Skip phone calls. Focus on customer engagement

Deep dive
Monitor reports on revenue, liabilities, cross-center data to drive insights

Market popular services
Offer cards for your most popular services

Seasonal promotions
Drive sales for a variety of events/occasions

Personalized campaigns
based on customer behavior and spend patterns

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