Everything employees need at their fingertips

Employees take the driver’s seat delivering an exceptional guest experience with the Employee Mobile App, which empowers them to handle appointments and workflows end-to-end on their mobile device. Your team gets easy access to scheduling, earnings, payroll, and more, while you maintain control over the information they see.

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A great guest experience

Happy employees lead to happy guests. With increased flexibility and control, your team is more satisfied and more equipped to serve guests quickly and deliver extraordinary service.

Efficient, safe & convenient operations

Eliminate touchpoints by letting providers and front desk staff manage appointments, check guests in, upsell, initiate checkout, rebook, and more from their mobile devices. Employees can also check themselves in/out, manage schedules, request time off, get real-time information on earnings, ratings, and more.

Quick performance insights

Give staff the tools to evaluate their own performance and grow as professionals with information on their daily performance in the app. Being "in the know" builds their trust and reduces miscommunication.

Unified and seamless experience

Create a consistent employee experience on every device, through every channel, at every center. The Employee Mobile App integrates with the Appointment Book, CRM, reporting, and other Zenoti features. It updates in real time to help employees manage their workflows and coordinate with each other.

Control the flow of information

The app allows employees to run daily operations but leaves ultimate control with you. You decide who sees guests' personal data and accesses sensitive business information. Define multiple roles like front desk staff, service providers, managers, and more. Retain information access within your premises with geofencing.

Empower employees with Zenoti University

Equip employees with access to dozens of courses designed to help them grow their expertise all from the app. Providers can learn new techniques and enhance their professional skills which increases satisfaction and improves both quality of service and retention.

Make your employee’s job easier

Provide a safer working space

Limit front desk interactions and the use of shared devices.

Make selling easier

Providers can add retail purchases and upsells during appointments.

Encourage professional growth

Use metrics for employee assessments and to set performance goals they can track on the app.

Keep information safe

Restrict appointment details and other business information to within your geofence location.

Access to scheduling

Providers can check their schedules and request a day off or a shift change in the app.

Convenient booking

Choose to let providers book/cancel/reschedule appointments on the app.

Declare cash tips

Enable employees to declare cash tips on the app for compliance with local laws.

Initiate cashback

Providers can initiate a cashback on a debit or credit card payment on the app.

Give your staff and your business a competitive edgewith the Employee Mobile App.

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