Elevate the Guest Experience,
One Text at a Time

Skip missed calls and voicemails, be accessible to your guests in real-time on their favorite mode of communication - texting.

Engage with guests on the platform that they prefer

Your clients want to feel taken care of before, during and even after the appointment is over. Zenoti Connect makes going the extra mile easy and efficient! Quick responses and timely engagement on their favorite platform will turn your one time visits into life time clients.

Reduce your no-show rate and replace cancellations

What if you could replace your cancellations with new appointments and reduce no show rate? Zenoti Connect automatically processes appointment reminders & confirmations, allowing you to focus on real customer conversations. Quickly process reschedule requests and follow up on that last minute requests to adjust cancellations.

Leverage the power of integrated communication system

A successful communication tool is key to provide rich customer engagement. An integrated system means all client communication lives in one place and can be accessed any time for creating a strong loyal client base. Reach out to unhappy customers asap before their feedback goes viral.

Scale with Zenoti Connect

Zenoti Connect is a centralized system that offers a complete view of each guest’s messaging history -perfect for multi-location businesses & call centers.

Text from your existing business line
Your customers are already calling your landline, Zenoti Connect text enables that existing number so your customers know exactly who’s reaching out.

Personalize client engagement
Use macros to edit and personalize text messages.

Set any number of staff members with the ability to monitor, read and respond to incoming messages.

Set standard responses
Create custom scripts for frequently asked queries about business hours, services, providers or products, then reuse them as needed.

Set auto-replies
Don’t worry if a text query comes in after hours, with autoreply your clients hear back fast- even while you’re closed.

Privacy on
With Desktop & Mobile integration, protect guest privacy by hiding guest phone numbers but still be able to text them.

Add emojis
Use emojis and build interesting conversations.

"If we have a cancellation or a no-show we can easily text the next guest and ask them if they would prefer to come a little bit earlier. Our guests actually appreciate this, and Zenoti Connect helps us fill those gaps and keep our appointment books really efficient."
Mike Nass And Tracey Nass, Co-owner, Indira Salon & Spa

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