Maximize Profits with Automated Appointment Bookings

Your front desk has a lot to do, so why not hand off some of their work to the Booking Wizard? With automated decision making, your bookings are completed easier and faster, boosting front  desk productivity and profitability.

Automated decision making takes the burden off your staff

Just input your parameters and then sit back while the Booking Wizard suggests optimal appointment times faster than your best receptionist. The booking wizard quickly handles things like resource checks on room and equipment availability, adjusts total appointment times when services share a common service segment, and finds a popular provider’s next availability, even if it’s weeks away.

Easier group bookings

Simplify group bookings with built-in support for couples bookings, small groups, and even large groups with 20 members or more.

Maximizes profitability, enforces SOPs

The Booking Wizard is supported by complex algorithms that maximize your appointment book utilization while honoring SOPs to ensure employee satisfaction and optimized customer experiences.

Avoid unusable gaps in the appointment book
Honor provider booking priority order and employee utilization order
Suggest appointment times even when services are not back-to-back
Allow (or restrict) double bookings
Book providers during their customer’s processing time
Book appointments that extend pasta provider’s shift
Book services in a custom order
(e.g. color before cut)
Suggests ideal rebook dates based on provider and room availability.

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