Business Intelligence To Supercharge Your Focus On Growth

Comprehensive dashboards with actionable insights to increase top-line, improve provider performance and build brand loyalty.

Visibility Into Details

Better visibility into your top-line and other KPIs
Recognize top and poor performers
Identify happy and unhappy guests

Insights To Empower Change

Dig-deeper to see which locations are doing well against KPIs
Measure providers’ performance against each other
Understand why guests are happy or unhappy

Actions That Drive Results

Focus on the right categories to drive your top-line
Have 1-1s with providers and train poor performers
Be prepared for upcoming appointments and woo unhappy guests back!

Snapshot of business metrics

Overview of the KPIs and their trend overtime across locations

Provider Performance

Identify top & poor performers, Compare providers to peers and spot improvement areas

Guest Satisfaction

Rating over time, Reasons for happiness and unhappiness

Guest Personas

Identify guest cohorts based on past behavior, Look at past behavior for upcoming guests

Self Service Booking

Trend over and across locations, Benefitto business because of adoption

Provider Utilization

Utilization of employees by location, job, day of week, time of day

Impact of COVID-19and Path to Recovery

Impact of COVID-19 on appointments, Focus on the vital drivers of top line tocome back stronger

Upcoming dashboards

Marketing and Inventory
"I think Zenoti offers something that I have not seen in any other provider in the UK. It offers a level of detail when looking at you business in terms of KPI's and analytics that I haven't seen in other software providers."
Andrew Cannon, Co-Founder, Ruffians

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