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Chris Scott

My name is Chris Scott and Co-Founder of Skoah. We're a specialty retailer of skincare products and services, and we're based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Skoah has 17 facial shops where we deliver our really unique consumer skin care experience a personal training for your skin. We've been working with Zenoti since 2014. We've experienced near 100% uptime, so that in itself is incredible. Zenoti, I think, added some real strategic benefit as a partner.

They were the only web based reservation system that was really able to meet our retail product needs and also the back end inventory management, because the scho business model is a little bit different than the spot business model and that we're equally weighted in products and services.

The second big piece for us when we selected Zenoti was that we had business operations in Canada, the United states, and Zenoti was really the only provider willing to integrate with the unique Canadian payment processing environment. Our business has become increasingly membership driven, and so the strengthening of the membership model has been a real benefit.

The membership module in particular, was something that we worked quite closely on, and it's just a really important growth area for our business. It's been a very positive experience. I think they've shown a real commitment to attentive customer care to upgrading their software. They made a genuine effort to listen to our feedback and incorporate that.

The fact that they have support centers in different countries and they're available at different times of the day has been a real benefit. We're just embarking on a really exciting time, so we expect to have 250 facial shops open in the next several years. I think Zenoti is a key part of the growth plan.

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