Mr. Fred Reyes

Owner and CEO
Skin Station
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Mr. Fred Reyes
Owner and CEO

Hi, I'm Fred Reyes, chairman and CEO of Skin Stations, built upon the spirit of disruptive innovation. Skin station wants to be the game changer. We want to be the Trailblazer. Skin station wants to improve in the US with the use of Science and Technology. Before Zenoti, everything was done manually, today in order to streamline the process of appointment booking and tracking the electronic medical records our patients database, making it easier and more efficient for the business.

That is why Zenoti Software is a perfect fit in skin station's growth strategy. Zenoti has improved every aspect of our operations are able to monitor, enhance and customize the customer experience. We have automated our inventory system appointment booking and patient database. Zenoti offers multi-location support system that allows us and our customers to easily track and avail of the existing Skin station services.

The real time Pro market perspective, elite cardholders can enjoy discounts and other perks with the help of Zenoti. Also, we could customize promos and packages based on conditional discounts. Our products can be availed not only in our physical store, but also in our Web Store through Zenoti. Moreover, it's not customized solutions based on what we require. Currently, skin station now has 46 company owned skin clinics nationwide.

I cannot imagine how we can manage all these branches without Zenoti. I can say we can now confidently grow to 100 branches with the help of Zenoti.

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