Lara Tarakjian

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Lara Tarakjian

Silkor is a chain of laser medical centers, and we call ourselves a chain because we are actually present in eight different countries. The story of Silkor and the software is quite intensive because we were looking for this software for so many years, actually. And we weren't happy. We tried several softwares and we weren't happy because we couldn't find, you know, the software and the people behind the software who would really understand what we need and what the business needs.

What happened with Zenoti is we were able to quantify everything. So quantifying everything in terms of working hours, stock reports, every little thing can be quantified. And when you show the numbers to your team, to your managers, there's no room for negotiation anymore. They can tell you, I don't have time when you show them that, you know, during the day, they spend 30% of their time doing consultation.

OK, well, what about the rest? You know, I always believe that if you have a strong technology as a backbone, you can focus more on the customer being able to manage, you know, the business just through, you know, laptop phone is amazing. It's like, you know, sitting in Dubai and being able to know what is happening now in Oman or in Qatar is excellent for us. So being able to give answers and help the managers to see the business in that perspective has impacted a lot.

The numbers of Silkor, of course, positively. So this was a, you know, a great asset to our business. So the future of Zenoti and the future of Silkor are pretty much linked, which is a good thing because we're working together. And the fact that we're heading in the same direction and we see things the same way is, you know, it's like we're partners. So it's a win-win situation. So strategically, we're definitely on the same wavelength.

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