Andrew Cannon

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Andrew Cannon

We were really looking for a partner to help me a rocket launch. The business, we've been going for seven years. And we wanted a partner who had a cloud platform that integrated all our bases together so that we can manage it from one site. And I think what it's given us is the flexibility to target our customers with intelligent marketing on different sites so that you can bring them together.

So what's really special about it is that I can see it ahead of this and look at the minute detail and let the team take care of the customer service element of it. Hi, I'm Andrew Cannon, Co-Founder of Ruffians, a chain of barbershops here in the UK. We've been going for seven years. And we are one of the sort of pioneers of the new barber revolution here in the UK through Edinboro and London. What we find is that clients will go to the Ruffians brand in whether it's Marylebone or Covent Garden.

They then come into Shoreditch. We've got the client notes here, whereas solutions we looked at previously, it didn't have that flexibility. That intelligence. The Zenoti system has, and it really helps us to make sure that we can then give the customer the best experience. We have five databases, and we were terrified bringing those five databases together. How would that look? What duplications would we have? How accurate would all the data be when you then put it on one big cloud server? And we were thinking, god, this is going to be such a body of work.

Zenoti took care of it, like they held our hands through the whole process. They asked us what we wanted and very clearly said this is what they then would achieve. And, you know, come integration day, it was fantastic. We literally went to bed and then woke up the next morning and had the whole system. And instead of it being five separate centers, it was one big center. With all our database on there, everyone's client data cleaned up. It's so much more than just the booking system.

It's a booking system, it's an analytic system, it's an ecosystem, it's a stock management system. It gives us all this flexibility to actually grow as a company. It was a breath of fresh air.

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