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Dave Crisalli

Prose was founded to create something beautiful and healthy for everyone. We perform a signature manicures and pedicures and other hand and foot treatments who enrich the lives of consumers across the country. Prose is reinventing a category known as the nail salon space. We've created an elegantly simple model that provides beautiful treatments for your hands and feet. And we do that through franchising.

We also do it through a subscription based model. Technology is absolutely critical to building a profitable and sustainable business. That's where we kind of started. The business model is, who are we going to partner with? What was the technology and how could we innovate together? One of the things that needed to prove true early on for pros to be successful was to pick an excellent technology partner.

And we believe we found that with Zenoti, I completely knew that Zenoti not only was aligned with our values and the compatibility checked right, but what I was most passionate about was their mentality that Zenoti around innovation for pros to grow smartly and profitably? We were going to need to continue to innovate against, you know, some really grand ideas that we have for just compelling experiences for the employees and the consumer.

I gained a lot of comfort that Zenoti was a great platform to build our brand around. We think about things differently on purpose, and we're thankful that the Zenoti team also shares the vision for a seamless, frictionless consumer experience for the customer. That's code for in today's world mobile. When you know what the future looks like, you want to get there as fast as you possibly can and having a great partner to help you execute against that vision.

Critically important, we're thrilled to be partner with Zenoti.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
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Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

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