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Carolyn Staples

OC waxing started in 2008. I saw there was a gap in the market where there was no waxing specialty salons. So I decided to do what I love and open up a waxing business.

I feel like the switch to Zenoti was essential. We had to switch to a system that would cater to how large the company is growing, but how intertwined we really are. We do so many things cross centered and a most software systems are completely separated like franchises, but our business isn't like that.

It was a huge pain point for a long time. One of the biggest things that's made a difference with Zenoti is just that easy, multi-location functionality of it, and just really being able to see everything as a one big picture instead of separated payroll, Zenoti has completely changed my life.

My previous payroll process, I had to do everything manually by location. So add up all the sales, add up all the tips, calculate the commissions, calculate their bonuses. It just took about two hours long, and since switching to Zenoti, everything is done for me and I just export a report and it's done in like a half hour.

The feature on Zenoti that I could not live without would definitely be the reports. It helps me navigate my schedule, my payroll, it breaks everything down for me, whether that be my commissions, my product sales or anything about my paycheck.

The cross center re-booking report that's made for us has really helped us be more accurate with our staff and really know when to reward people because all of our staff working all of the salons. And so if a client comes to our salon but books their next appointment at our Laguna salon, that staff member is now getting credit towards it, towards their goals and their bonuses.

Zenoti really helps me on my day from start to finish. It's really easy to clock in, clock out for my lunches, clock out for the day. It's really easy when I'm rebooking clients to switch between locations. The way we used to book with our old system is people could either call or they could book online.

Since switching to the mobile app, people can do a quick book based off of history. They can see all of the people that fax them before. It's just extremely seamless now.

The client can check themselves in, I can go out and greet them. It really makes the appointment seamless. We take the client back, they can check themselves out while they're in the room, or I can check them out at the front. And it makes it really easy for me to be accommodating for the client, throughout the whole experience.

Before Zenoti and smart marketing, we just didn't have the time to focus on marketing or doing anything like that. Smart marketing has completely caught us off guard in the most positive way.

We started smart marketing in April. It's now September and it's helped us drive more than 3,400 visits. It's really scary to see how many clients we may have been losing before, but now with smart marketing, seeing the recovered clients is just insane.

As we transition to offering all hair removal under one roof, Zenoti is really really going to help us maximize our productivity, all while staying extremely organized during the process.

I feel like Zenoti has transformed my business in tons of ways, but essentially as a business owner, I have to always ask my staff, how can I make your life easier at the company? And Zenoti has catered to every single pain point that every staff member has had.

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