Ritesh Reddy Mastipuram

Managing Director
O2 Spa
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Ritesh Reddy Mastipuram
Managing Director

Hi, my name is Ritesh Reddy. I'm the managing director of O2 Spas. We are a chain of spas operating across 15 cities in India and a few cities in the Middle East. We started our operations in early 2009. Currently, we operate 56 bars across India and close to seven spas in the Middle East. We operate spas across multiple five star hotels, airports, malls and by far the largest spa operator in the country. Currently, we've started using ManageMySpa couple of years ago.

Prior to that, we were actually using single installation software solutions at each of our individual spa outlets. When ManageMySpa approached us, we were very, initially very apprehensive because it was 100% cloud based solution and that in India we have internet connectivity issues across most of our places. But the features that the software provided were so impeccable that we had decided to go ahead and take a chance and install it across all our locations.

We did a phase wise the rollout initially by doing it in a few spots. But once we started realizing the value that it brings to the table, both at the spa individual spa level and at the corporate level was so good that we immediately decided to roll it out across all our spas in the country and abroad.

Also, the marketing model is something that has helped us significantly in order to understand and extend offers specifically to customers like, for example, if we were able to see a particular guest came and used only a body therapy but never went for a salon, we could actually customize the salon services. We could actually customize the coupon and do targeted marketing specifically to those customers. And overall, I would highly recommend this software solution.

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