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Zoe Krislock

MiniLuxe over 10 years ago was found with two main principles. One was to introduce the industry to clean. The second one was to offer opportunity to the workforce prior to AD. We had two massive desktop computer screens at our cash shop. As you can see, none of that exists anymore. We're actually able to stand side by side with someone and greet them and say hello. And that really helped all of our experience with our clients feeling like, you know, welcome home.

And welcome to our party. We could have our client experience MiniLuxe in our brand the same way they experience every brand that they operate in day to day. We've had almost 90,000 appointments scheduled through our online system.

So that the Web Store or the app and we've had over 21,000 app downloads, Additionally allows us to have an employee app as well, which completely empowers our team to know their client information, expect their arrival, greet them by name, and allows us to not have to run back and say, hey, you're here.

I will look at my phone first thing in the morning and then check my app to see how many customers I have per day and see which type of service they do. And then I jump into my job. That's it. The Zenoti introduced a lot of new features for us. One of them was the marketing emails. We could go into this Zenoti system and see who had gotten a pedicure in the last like five months or four months or whatever.

The target demographic you're looking for is you can specifically like, identify that group of people. And then send them an email letting them know like, hey, it seems like this is something that you would be interested in based on your previous experiences of any lives. All of our scheduling, our client data, all of our financial reporting, it was all kind of broken up into different pieces.

So nobody allowed us to combine it all together in a really easy, streamlined way. We have big plans for many, so I think we've learned a lot during the COVID time frame about what the business is about, how it's changing and what clients want.

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