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Jean Claude Biguine
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Samir Srivastav

Bonjour my name is Samir. I ran Jean-Claude Biguine Salons, which is a part of a French luxury brand of salons from the First World countries where we have close to 40 and 50 salons, leading countries like France, Italy, Japan. In India we operate 14 luxury salons in the two cities of Bombay and Bangalore. Well, at Jean-Claude Biguine, I think the journey of a customer and the relationship which he or she has with the floor team is extremely important.

And the kind of products that which we use exclusively a junkyard begin for the Indian customers are our top of the line products and the top of the line services that we offer to all our clients. We have an internal team which is to be customer obsessed, which is almost 24 365 and we would like to actually use a tool which is like a mess, which has been started at JCB about four to five months ago, and we've been kind of championing the same over the last four or five months.

I think it's a wonderful platform, and I would compliment the MMS team for developing this platform. Some of the immediate benefits that we see, apart from the usual information on, on, on, on analytics and stuff like that, I think being a customer obsessed brand, we get to know our customers. Uh, you know, history in real time and then you can recommend her the right kind of services based on the mass data, which is available at a glance.

I think the whole offering by MMS is wonderful. It's only up to us how we utilize it. And I think we need to champion it before internally, before we really take it up to the customer. So I would say best of luck and look forward to having many more versions of GMs and it's in itself out over the next two to three years.

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