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Jessie Frampton

Wax bar is a membership based, waxing only salon for everybody. We currently have 19 locations with a ton more opening up in 2022 and we have over 250 staff. We chose to go to Zenoti because we had big plans for expansion, and our system that we had for about eight years really had limitations in terms of scale, especially as a membership based model.

We needed something that was very easy for us to scale and be transferable in terms of cross center locations, 50% of our clients are members and that keeps them coming monthly. The rest, of course, are walk ins. We're very proud to say we have over 9,000 members. So when we partnered with Zenoti, we knew that changing systems with over 10 locations and in the midst of a pandemic was not going to be easy, but they made the whole process for us seamless.

We knew that there was a lot of data collection and it got really messy, but the team was there for us every step of the way. So one of the features that our staff loves is ezConnect, so being able to text our clients in real time, for example, to check-in, if they're going to be late for their appointments or if they're coming at all, that has reduced a lot of the stress on our staff.

We've actually had about 145,000 connections through ezConnect because we send reminders of appointments and configuration of appointments. Nothing gets missed anymore. Another really awesome feature for us is the really awesome check-in system that they have, where staff can be in the back of the Fuzz wax bar. They don't have to check in the client themselves and they see their phone or hear their phone pings when the client checks in.

They can read alerts also and notes on the profile of the clients. So they know exactly their history. What services have done before, who they've seen before, and that has changed the efficiency of our process tremendously. One of the big feature for us in Zenoti is the integration with the merchant processor that has saved us so much financial discrepancies because the system being connected to payment directly makes it so seamless.

Also, because remember, she based failed recurring payments is not a thing really anymore for us. We're able to catch that. So much easier and expiry dates, for example, and credit cards is automatically renewed, so we don't have to chase clients for them. And that has saved us probably hundreds of recurring fail payments.

We're now seeing more than 50% of our bookings made online, which is great because it's reducing the phone capacity at the wax bar, allowing our front line staff to actually interact with the clients more and not have to answer the phone and be interrupted. Over the past year that we've been with Zenoti, the impact for business has been really about the smoother operations for our staff. Fuzz has really big plans for growth in the future, and partner with Zenoti was definitely the right move for us.

We really see this as a platform that drives technology forward that is very attentive to what clients need and what they're looking for in terms of technology and scaling capability. So we're very excited to work alongside Zenoti to grow our business.

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