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Alice Sagnier

So I'm Alice sunny, I'm one of the co-founders of Every Skin, along with Bridget Healy. We're a small chain of aesthetic clinics with founded on the intention of making premium aesthetic treatments affordable and accessible to everyone. I've been in the industry for a number of years and I have had experience with a number of different booking systems and this fairly consistent pain points that tended to come through.

The first is usability. Our teams are using this interface every day. Many other systems are quite complex to use to train on. And to keep up to date. We have a really convenient service and this is a must have now. In 2021 customers can book a line, pay online, change their appointments, have all the information that they need immediately 24 hours a day, and that is very much in power by an audit.

The second is customer data and having that customer data linked in so, you know, all over their activity, all of their treatment notes, all of their interests. Usually with other systems, you do need to purchase a separate CRM and have multiple interfaces, whereas Zenoti really addresses that with an all in one. The fact that there's an integrated CRM platform as well means that they have immediate access to all the information that they need from our customers.

They have access to their forms, past appointment notes, all communication that we've had as a brand with our customers. And that's fantastic. The point of sale system is fantastic. It's really user friendly, really quick to train so they can really hit the ground running on day one. And then also reporting for in-clinic team, so no shows appointment bookings, daily sales reports, we're using those throughout the day.

So we have our feedback system implemented from day one. After every appointment, we asked customers for their feedback who are really simple email. It's really quick for them to do. It's not. He's been a fantastic enabler for our business. We couldn't recommend it's not even more highly and we have every intention of continuing to roll out and work with the team as we open more clinics later this year.

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