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Brendon Mann

My name is Brendon, and I'm the Owner and Founder of Epic Hair Designs. I started Epic designs in 2008 and one salon in Kenmore. Epic hair designs is now 16 luxury salons between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our philosophy is luxury hairdressing at an affordable price. I believe we do more training than any other salon, especially in Brisbane. We have a lot of touchpoints. We've always been on the forefront of anything from our recent cover journey.

We were the only place in Brisbane there really stayed open and stayed open consistently, and we were able to show our clients that we were a brand that they could trust and still come to our salons. The experiences we have a lot of extras and that said, everything from cheese to wine. What keeps them coming back is the Affordable prices we have and the excellent hairdressing that we do.

It's because of our training standards and the fact that we have more mass colorists than any other salon in Australia. I think one of the first things that made us choose Zenoti was their client relationship management system. It helps us keep in contact with our clients. So if we're having a slower week, it will realize that we're having a slower week and it will send out emails or text messages to clients automatically. We've started using their membership function.

I found it was something that we could tell. And make to exactly what we needed, and there was no other program that actually had this kind of option built into it. The scalability of Zenoti has been very simple. One of the main things because we have grown fast over the last few years is to be able to easily deploy a program to one of our newer salons.

The analytics plus function is one of the other reasons why we chose Zenoti being able to tailor make reports to exactly or customer reports to exactly what our company needs. So we use analytics plus to monitor our day to day business transactions and how our operators or our stylist are going within the salons. So nobody has a function called Zenoti connect, and when we use it for two way communication with our clients.

So I think from our customers standpoint, when we are using Zenoti, they can see the difference before they even visit our salon. We're able to send them out of text. I'm asking them to do a consultation before they visit a cell. And if they choose, and then Zenoti will let us know that they've done that consultation as well. Once the clients in the salon, we can discuss that consultation with them and start their hair very efficiently and straight away.

So at the end of all of our client's journey in our salons, we send them out of text through Zenoti, which is a feedback form. The client will rate the cell on just like an Uber style rating and let us know how their visit was. Since we've started partnering with Zenoti, one of the biggest impacts we've had is the way we've been able to do our marketing and respond and keep our clients coming in.

Our retention rates have definitely improved over the last two years since we've had that, and that is due to the repeat email, marketing or SMS marketing that we can send out. And Zenoti is a program that will help us grow.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Isabel Steward, Douglas J Companies
Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
Brendon Mann, Epic Hair Designs
Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

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