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Jim Schafer

My name is Jim, I'm Owner of Element IV Therapy. We provide IV therapy services to patients throughout the greater Phoenix area. So there have been some IV therapy companies out there. A lot of brick and mortar. My business partner, Stuart and I, we wanted to make sure that we were mobile and were able to go out, meet people where they needed health care.

When a customer calls, we use the Zenoti software, so nobody was all in one package electronic health care record all of our forms around patient rights and responsibilities, sales data. We have accounting data we have reporting and we also have the ability to market and get some good insights on what's going on with our patients in our business. So we take a look at the appointment calendar for the day.

We can see what patients are scheduled, what slots are open, how we can optimize and maximize our slot utilization for the day and allocate resources as far as nurses and manage our productivity as a business. So with software, we are able to access all these digital forms that were standardized and get us up and running quickly. They have a whole library of digital forms that we're able to use with Zenoti Go. We're able to take contactless payments right in the client's home.

We were able to do that without having to create another solution for credit card processing, from implementation to actual launch date or go live date. We were able to do it in a very short amount of time with all of the help and resources Zenoti. And so now we can take Zenoti start small and scale upwards from there. It's fast, it's easy. It's convenient. I would absolutely recommend Zenoti to any other small business that's looking to scale up quickly and do it in a cost effective manner.

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