Dr. Emma Beleno-Guerrero

President and CEO
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Dr. Emma Beleno-Guerrero
President and CEO

Good afternoon, I am Emma Belino-Guerrero, Dr. Medecine, specializing in skin care and dermatology and the Founding President of Bioessence, a skin care slimming party. Viruses started 23 years ago in our own house when I was practicing as a dermatologist. So after five years, I went to Metro Manila and spread my wings there, then branches. We know that we need systems. So far, none of them met our requirements.

So one time when I asked some of my staff to visit show a trade fair, they saw Zenoti. And then when they presented to us it because what we were looking for. One big strategic benefit the Zenoti gives to Bioessence is access to organize data. We have data before, but having them organized in a way that cannot be presented to us because other transactions go through this platform.

So all of the information regarding in our clients from their basic information, like their gender, their age, where they come from, the transaction information, what did they buy? What did they usually get? All of these things in an organized presentation allow us to formulate strategies that more attractive to our clients based on their behavior in our clinics. I would say the Zenoti team is very supportive and responsive when it comes to our concerns, but Zenoti was there every step of the way.

They were very patient, doing trainings for our people and addressing the concerns that we would have in general. I believe that the Zenoti team has one thing in mind. They want the Zenoti to really be able to help our business becomes more successful. Every one could be the successful business like ours.

I would like to go digital, so I'm sure Zenoti is the best partner that we have tried for the last three years to take care of our opening, our web store, online web store, and not only because they are there for us, but also we would like to reach out to a bigger market right now, which is those who cannot avail of our services, can avail of our products and not be with this online system. Maybe it would be one of those partners that could develop our business in the future with a bigger buyer.

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