A single point of truth.

Pull data from every aspect of your business, including sales, operations, marketing, staff performance and customer behavior.
This 360 approach to your data, combined with our cloud-based, centralized system achieves a single point of truth for all your data.

Zenoti Analytics takes you
from data to actionable decisions.

You'll always have access to reports and dashboards that are up-to-date and accurate, without the manual effort to collate your data outside of the system.

Dashboards include filters and drill-down capabilities, so it's easy to move from organization level views to regional or center level reports. And, just as easily isolate what data you want to further explore.

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Predictive analysis.

Zenoti Analytics goes beyond exploratory analytics with predictive analytics, which forecast your future business performance.
Algorithms combine historical data with recent, seasonal and expected trends to provide meaningful business forecasts.


  • Ensure every day is full and profitable.
  • Plan your employee utilization, bring more staff
    in on busy days and reschedule staff
    for those unavoidable slow days.
  • Build your own custom, predictive reports.

"With Zenoti analytics and dashboards, I know what works and what doesn't. Zenoti also helps us scale faster and become more efficient. They have really embraced us."

Denise Keeler
COO, OrangeTwist

Targeted insights for every department.

We know every manager in your company has different needs. That’s why Zenoti Analytics
empowers managers with customized insights for their unique departments and roles.




See the big picture with a single
source of truth across your
business. Use charts to identify
patterns and isolate problem areas.

Access aggregate data in real-time
for instant answers.


Finance & Auditors

Finance & Auditors

Reports provide the exact views of
financial data that you need.
Use filters to create snapshots in time,
isolate data by transaction type and more

Convert complex data into
easy-to-use information.




Save hours with custom reports
and dashboards that pulls from a
robust dataset. Do more, with less
effort - while providing deeper
insights into your business.


Managers & Strategy

Managers & Strategy

Set managers up for success
with access to all aspects of
operations and guest behavior.
Real-time reports help staff stay
focused and meet weekly goals.

HR & Payroll

HR & Payroll

HR & Payroll

Save hours with organization
level reporting that aggregates
payroll data, staff performance
against goals, and more.




Monitor inventory
end-to-end, gain transparency
into stock management, and
analyze data for improved
retail performance.

Designed with the multi-location
business in mind.

Organization level reports

Organization level reports

Access aggregated views of your entire business and use filters for things like locations, service categories, sales types and more to dynamically update reports.

third-party systems with Zenoti’s data

Unify data from
all your systems

With Zenoti Analytics you can combine data from third-party systems with Zenoti’s data set for a holistic view of your business.

Analysis & Reports

Analysis & Reports

Some roles require the ability to analyze the business and dive deep into data, other roles require very specific KPI reports and marching orders. Zenoti Analytics provides every role with the data in the right format.

Your business never sleeps and neither do we.

Our reports and analytics work when and where you do.
You can access your data through your Zenoti account or on the fly.

Our reports and analytics work when and where you do.

Mobile Mobile

On-demand mobile analytics provide
anywhere, anytime access to your data.

Email Email

Schedule reports and dashboards to be emailed
to the right managers — no login required.

Focus on the metrics that matter most.

Reliable Reporting

Reports are only as usable as they are accurate.
Zenoti's cloud based, all-in-one platform ensures that your reports and data are pulled from a single point of truth.

You won't have to worry about inacurrate, incomplete or out of sync data.

Low level alerts


Get instant alerts via text or email when operational
metrics fall short of predefined goals.

Automatically raise awareness of missed targets
and recurring issues for you and your managers.

What do you get with Zenoti Analytics?

Pre-built dashboards

Our pre-built dashboards pull the insights that you need for things like loyalty, retention, sales, marketing performance, customer behavior and more. These dashboards go beyond KPIs and provide a rich set of data with actionable insights.

Custom dashboards

Every business is unique and that's why you can create custom reports and dashboards to get the exact reports and insights you need - without having to export, collate and filter reports manually.

Custom Reports

Save custom dashboards for anytime access. Or, create reports on-the-fly; perfect for quickly pulling together presentation slides that are accurate and beautiful.

Zenoti's Consulting Services set you up for success.

Zenoti Analytics is a next-generation business intelligence solution that harnesses the power of your data to drive the results you need.

If you don't have the internal resources to analyze your data, we'll do it for you. Our consulting team works for you, uncovering insights, growth opportunities and provides guidance on marketing campaigns, operations and more.

Zenoti's Consulting Services

Zenoti helps you reach your
full business potential

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