Power your decision making with
Zenoti Analytics & Reporting

Zenoti helps you go quickly from data to decisions.

A powerful tool that takes you from
data to actionable decisions.

With Zenoti Analytics, you have the business intelligence to make better decisions.

Data Visualization

Dashboards allow you to build visual stories
around key performance metrics.

Our Analytics combine customer behavior
with sales and employee performance to give you
a 360 degree understanding of what's
really going on in your business.

Drill-downs and filters allow you to slice and dice
your data in ways meaningful to your business.

A better way to assess customer retention.


Answers and insights for every role.

Businesses thrive on good decisions and quick action.
Zenoti's reporting and analytics provides every manager with the data they need, when they need it.




See the big picture with a
single source of truth.

Access aggregate data in real-time
for instant answers.




Plan, forecast,
and minimize risks.

Convert complex data into
easy-to-use information.




Assess campaign performance
and customer behaviors.

Know when to stay the course
or make a change.




Know your opportunities
and conversion rates.

See what's in the pipeline,
nurture leads, and track deals.




Empower all areas with
pre-built reports and dashboards.

Set teams up for success with
access to vital data.




Identify real product trends
for smart retailing.

Effectively track and stock
so you can run lean, but still strong.

Focus on the metrics that matter most.

100+ Pre-Built Reports

Save hours with operational and business reports
that pull it all together for you.

Keep a favorites list for quick access to the reports
that are most meaningful for you.

You'll have the data you need, without the extra effort
of collating data outside the system .

Low level alerts


Get instant alerts via text or email when operational
metrics fall short of predefined goals.

Automatically raise awareness of missed targets
and recurring issues for you and your managers.

The Zenoti Advantage

Bring your data to life with Analytics software that is incredibly powerful and enjoyable to use.

Aggregate Views

Aggregate Views

Use a single view to gain organizational level insights. And easily filter to analyze specific groups or individual locations.

360° View

360° View

Correlate data from all corners of your business including sales, operations, marketing, staff performance and customer behavior.

Mobile Access

Mobile Reports

Mobile access keeps important data at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

Scale Your Data

Cloud Analytics

Our enterprise analytics solution uses the cloud to scale with your needs.

Secure your data

Secure Access

Zenoti invests in the infrastructure and expertise to keep your data secure and private.



Connect to 3rd party data sources and combine with Zenoti's rich data set through Zenoti Analytics. Zenoti also offers a robust API.

Massage Green Spa

“I cannot express which is more exciting, finding a spa software solution that seems tailor made to our business or a company that delivers on exceptional customer service”

Ali Harb

Ali Harb
Chief Operating Officer, Massage Green Spa

Zenoti helps you reach your
full business potential