Zenoti Analytics: Examples Of Predictive Analytics

Our predictive analytics forecast your future business performance. They use algorithms that
combine historical data with recent, seasonal and expected trends to provide meaningful business forecasts.

The following are examples of pre-built predictive analytics; keep in mind you can also build custom, predictive reports.

Appointment Sales Forecast

Ensure every day is full and profitable.

  1. Monitor the entire organization from one screen; use color codes to spot low revenue days.
  2. Managers see only the locations
    they are responsible for.
  3. Easily identify days that need attention and take action. E.g. use Zenoti's Smart Marketing to target guests to fill slow days.

Staff Hours Forecast

Plan your employee utilization, bring more staff in on busy days and reschedule staff for those unavoidable slow days.

  1. Compare the number of hours
    you have staff scheduled for against the forecasted number of hours needed.
  2. Adjust staffing to optimally meet
    the demand of the day.

Customer Churn Probability

Losing customers doesn't have to be inevitable. Use this report to see the guests you may soon lose so you can take immediate action.

  1. See a list of guests that you're at risk of losing.
  2. Filter the report by average invoice value, total spend or how many years they've been a guest to focus on high value guests. Or, filter by probability to focus on guests that you're at highest risk of losing.
  3. Take action! E.g. set up targeted email campaigns for guests with a high probability of churning, or have front desk contribute to profitability and call your most valued customers with a gift or offer.

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