S Zenoti Spa and Salon Staff Management Software
Employee Mobile App

Empower your employees

Empower employees with finger-tip access to their work schedule, day's appointments and guest profiles, commissions and tips earned, and preferences and their performance on KPIs.

Real-time data, transparency and the ability to personalize the guest experience puts providers in a position to succeed.

Better collaboration for a team
that's on top of their game

Staying in touch with staff has always been tricky
for management teams in large networks.

Zenoti enables easy communications
and notifications to employees.

You’ll gain operational efficiency and build
a culture that your staff appreciates.

Better collaboration for a team that's on top of their game

Employee payroll, commissions & schedules made easier

Payroll Management


The software automatically tracks payroll based on salary, leaves, hours worked and even awards penalties based on attendance.

Employee commissions


Award commissions based on jobs, seniority, sale type and performance. We support a variety of commission models so you can automate commission calculations.

Employee Scheduler

Easy Scheduler

Create an employee schedule and copy forward, make adjustments, look at day, week or month views. Scheduling software that makes employee administration easier.

  Track Your Productivity KPIs

Track Your Productivity KPIs

Identify your rock-star performers and motivate staff with a transparent and unbiased method to track performance.

Our software tracks performance metrics against
goals like revenue targets, customer satisfaction, retention rates,
punctuality, rebookings and retail sales.

Use these metrics for performance reviews,
employee awards, and to identify training needs.

Automate attendance

Automate attendance

Use biometric check-ins for tamper free, employee check-in and check-out. The software uses the data for attendance and punctuality reports, calculates hours worked and updates salary and performance metrics.


Stop shrinkage

Stop employee theft and revenue loss by mitigating pilferage whether its from stock loss, theft from the till, appointment fraud and more. Our comprehensive approach helps us protect your business. .

Zenoti helps you reach your
full business potential

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