Elevate the guest experience

Empower guests to interact with your salon, spa, or medspa on their mobile devices. Go touchless!

Transform ordinary interactions into unforgettable stories.

Zenoti's touchless technology seamlessly integrates bookings, payments, re-engagement and more, helping you create elevated guest experiences worth reliving... and retelling

Beginning with effortless booking...

Guests book the best time, location, and service provider for appointments with one simple search. And receive automated reminders to complete digital consent forms before appointments.

Continuing with no-wait, touchless visits...

Guests auto check-in upon entrance, while providers receive instant arrival notifications – all on personal mobile devices.

Providers add chair-side service upgrades and products to guest invoices on their mobile device.

Guests pay and tip with Uber-like simplicity, while providers receive immediate confirmation notifications.

Connecting at the best moment for reflection...

Following exceptional service, guests receive mobile notifications to rate and rebook with just a few clicks – right when they are most likely to respond.

Reviving relationships with sincere

Guests receive personalized notifications for after-care instructions - and choose to re-purchase their favorite product after receiving a timely email promotion.

The Proof is in The Results

Businesses that engage guests with elevated digital experiences deliver on expectations - encouraging visits and increasing revenue.

Discover the products that bring alive elevated guest experiences.

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