Automate Your Marketing

Zenoti’s Smart Marketing uses A.I. to maintain regular and effective communications with your customers. The result is increased customer retention, fuller schedules and more revenue.

The Easiest Way To Achieve Your Business Goals

Zenoti’s Smart Marketing understands your business on a daily basis and works to maximize your revenue.

Fill your Appointment Book
Zenoti predicts your open availability into the future. Smart Marketing then works to fill those availabilities.

Increase Customer Spend
Does your staff suggest an upgrade, add or retail to every customer? Are they empowered to discount, but only when needed? Smart Marketing does it all.

Improve Visit Frequency
How many don’t come back for their next visit at the ideal frequency?  Smart marketing reaches out exactly when it makes sense for your customer and your business. 

Recover Lost Customers
Most salons send a monthly email to lost customers and see some of them coming back in. Smart Marketing drives better results.

Zenoti predicts your open availability into the future. Smart Marketing
then works to fill those availabilities.

Smart Marketing Works
The Way Your Business Does

Go beyond third party marketing software like Constant Contact and Mailchimp. Smart Marketing tightly integrates
with your CRM to understand your business and make every communication personal.

Marketing On A Daily Basis

The system wakes up every morning, assesses your upcoming needs and determines the right campaigns and the right number of customers to target.

Predicts Your Availability

Your schedule's availability changes day to day. Smart Marketing relies on sophisticated predictive analysis to align its marketing campaigns with your upcoming availability across service categories.

Doesn’t Over-Advertise

And, it won’t over advertise so that you can’t meet incoming demand.

Better ROI

Track Results

Accurately Track Results

Smart Marketing is integrated with your online booking, guest profiles and your POS. The system attributes revenue associated with each and every campaign - automatically.

Lasting Results

See Lasting Results

Daily marketing campaigns target just the right set of customers. You’ll be sure to touch every customer in your database in a way that delivers results week over week.

No Discounts

No Discounts Until Necessary

Special promotions drive business short-term and cannibalize business in the long term. Smart Marketing discounts only when required.

"With Smart Marketing,
we're adding 8% more
business every week."

"Smart Marketing has helped
us recover 300 lost guests
in the last 2 months"

"Smart Marketing has been
getting smarter, we're seeing
consistently more engagement
from customers every month!"

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