Software that helps you
take control of your inventory


  • Centralize your product list with pricing, descriptions, sizes and more
  • Group products into categories for easier management and insights into your business
  • Centralized vendor database and management
  • Map each service to a bill of materials or recipe of professional products



Conduct audits frequently. Our mobile app and integrated barcode scanner makes the audit process faster, error-free and user friendly.

Reduce Costs. Compare actual stock levels against expected levels to identify areas of pilferage and wastage.



  • Track retail and professional products separately
  • Track stock movement from back-bar to the floor, display units and through to sales
  • Enforce check-out of products from the back-bar
  • Transfer stock between salons and warehouse


Know When To Reorder

Know When To Reorder

  • SMS (text) and email alerts warn you when stock is running low
  • Inventory reports highlight low level stock items and fast moving products for accurate re-orders
  • View items sold history to re-stock

Create PO’s directly in the software

Speed Up Your Ordering Process

  • Create PO’s directly in the software
  • Clone a previous PO
  • PO creation integrated with vendor database
  • Print or email PO’s

Accurate Receiving

Quick & Accurate Receiving

  • Automatic update of items & quantities based on delivery against a PO
  • Accept partial deliveries
  • Scan in new bar codes to add new items
  • Return products easily and with automated tracking



Reports provide financial and consumption data including product costs, value of stock, taxes, consumption month over month and more. Additionally, shrinkage reports help you identify areas of pilferage and wastage.

Audit Trails. Look up history of all or specific product movement to identify reconciliation errors, shrinkage or other problem areas.

Thousands Of Spas Use Our Software To Drive Real Business Results

Massage Green Success Story

“Massage Green is on a fast growth curve and Zenoti is essential for us to make strategic business decisions, run our network as unified brand, and help individual outlets outperform their sales goals. Zenoti, truly is an excellent software and a trusted partner...”

- Allie T. Mallad (Founder, President & CEO | Massage Green Spa)


Salon Inventory Software Features

Access Current Stock Levels

  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Track all incoming and outgoing stock
  • Check-in and check-out of inventory
  • Track retail and consumable stock separately
  • Store physical audit details
  • Reconcile inventory with physical audits
  • Access to on-hand and on-order items

Streamline Orders

  • Store vendor info - contact info, contract, payment info, etc..
  • Automated alerts when stock level is low
  • Track purchase orders against goods received
  • Create and raise purchase orders
  • Transfer products between centers
  • Automatic update of inventory once purchase order is filled
  • Easy recording of products to be purchased
  • Restrict/set employee access for purchase, according to the employee roles
  • Apply discount over purchase orders or transfers

Multi Center Support

  • Track inventory in multiple sites
  • Execute transfers between centers

Reduce Pilferage & Wastage

  • Store physical audit details
  • Projected inventory levels based on services and product sales
  • Audit every product
  • Auto-logging when changes are made in inventory levels
  • Know real-time value of stock