Smart reports for
smart decision-making

Intelligent, accurate, and reliable reports that deliver fast access to the data you need.

On-demand data for fast, worry-free operations

Improve operational efficiency and track growth with instant access to the most up-to-date data. Plus, with real-time reporting you can manage your business from anywhere and access KPIs on the go.

Data that drives growth

Stay on top of business development with access to high-level KPIs and granular drill downs that increase visibility and enable you to:

Monitor trends and remain alert to any unusual or interesting changes

Identify top performing campaigns for wider promotion

Predict higher inventory demand ahead of time and prepare accordingly

Track employee performance and maximize utilization to boost revenue

Location Performance Report

Configurable reports that suit your needs

Make quick decisions by easily customizing reports and dashboards in your desired format. Sort, summarize, filter, and group the data into the best view for you.


Made with your business in mind


Access over 100 preconfigured reports, including provider and guest drill downs.

Easy to digest

Quickly consume and analyze data with visual and interactive charts.


Establish user permissions to restrict access to different reports.

Access helpful insights

Use every report to its full capacity with guidance on key features.

Filter by level

View reports for the overall organization or break it down by regions or locations.

Share your reports

Export and send reports via email in just a few clicks.

Add to favorites

Mark reports as favourites for instant access at any time.

Deliver automatically

Send reports automatically to a prescribed distribution list at a specific time for regular data insights.

Categorize reports

Segment by business domains for faster decisions.
At FaceGym, we used to depend on external consultants to manipulate our data. I decided to take a streamlined strategic decision and work with Zenoti because they understand data better. Zenoti is fast in delivering reports and answering our questions.
Zoe Withers
CFO, FaceGym
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Discover 30 KPIs that will help you take your data analysis to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main features of Zenoti reports?

Zenoti reports come with a host of key features to make your business information available to you in easy to comprehend forms. With over 100 preconfigured reporting formats and styles, the team can easily select the format which works the best for them. Beside the reporting formats, Zenoti reports ensures that your business data is secure at all times. By incorporating, controlled access at employee and organizational level the cloud based module ensures that information is not leaked. One of the outstanding features of Zenoti reports is “slice and dice”. Each and every report generated by the system, can be further customized to filter the granular data and map the interesting changes that occur in businesses over the time. Zenoti reports ensures that you stay ahead in your business decisions by making data backed informed decisions.

Can I create a workflow for a report?

With Zenoti reports, creating work flow reports is extremely easy. Based on the preferred frequency of reporting, the system allows users to configure the reporting structure and select the key reports that should reach the concerned users. In other words, the system needs to incorporate the workflow of reports only once to ensure that the stakeholders get the reports weekly, fortnightly, and monthly based on their preferences and selected order of priority. The pre-configured system ensures that the users can receive the relevant reports directly into their mail boxes such that the reports can be accessed on the go.

Can I have reports emailed automatically with Zenoti?

The one word answer to the question is “Yes”. Zenoti reporting module is built under the concept of business on the go. Zenoti understands that in today’s time businesses need the managers to be on the go. Therefore, anytime anywhere on-demand access is crucial element of the Zenoti’s Reporting Module. Whether you’re the sales manager or the inventory manager or the accountant, the relevant report can be easily emailed to the employee concerned with the said subject. By incorporating certain changes in the employee profile, you can easily set up one click email of reports, or even set a daily fixed schedule of reports and thereafter the system delivers the reports to the recipient seamlessly. The system can be easily incorporated for multiple stores.

How can Zenoti reports be helpful to business owners?

Zenoti’s reporting system also known as Zenoti Benchmark Report is designed to answer the basic question of every business owner. The question being, “How can I grow my business?” The reporting module shares multiple reports, which can be classified as opportunities, daily sales, profit and loss statements, guest feedback, marketing, customer behavior etc. By empowering the business owners with the real time data of their businesses, the system generated reports keeps the management’s eyes and ears open to the in situ situation of the business. With the additional benefit of graphical representation it makes the spotting of interesting changes very easy. As all the reports are interactive and can be customized by what is known as “slice and dice” method the business owners can easily filter down granular data and focus on the information that is needed.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Isabel Steward, Douglas J Companies
Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
Brendon Mann, Epic Hair Designs
Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

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