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Brendon Lynch, CEO, Rudy’s Barbershop

For 25 years, Rudy’s has been the authority on effortless style. With 27 locations in six states, Rudy’s pioneered the

Using Analytics For Actionable Insights

I spoke to the management team at Enrich Salons about Zenoti’s business intelligence software. Here’s an excerpt of our conversation

How Profitable Is Your Services Menu?

One of the many hidden gems in Zenoti’s (formerly ManageMySpa) reports infrastructure is the profitability report. With this report, quickly

Instant Access 24X7

Our cloud-based system ensures you can access your data anywhere 24X7. And, the system keeps you actively informed with your most critical daily reports emailed to you.

Seamless Access

Compartmentalize reports for multi-location businesses with permission-based access, by report, for all levels of the organization.

Comprehensive Made Easy

Easy access to management, financial, sales, marketing, employee, payroll, and operational reports, all with the full picture view for better decision-making.

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