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5 Ways Mobile Apps Build a Better Customer Experience for Salon and Spa Guests

By now, we’ve all heard about the benefits of customer mobile apps — for salon and spa owners. But does

Fred C. Reyes, Skin Station

Zenoti has improved every aspect of our operations. We can’t imagine how we can manage our 44 branches without Zenoti.–

Elevating the Guest Experience

You expect more these days. So do your guests. It’s no secret that our expectations of the brands and companies

Stress-Free Check-In

With the power of geofencing, clients simply walk in and take a seat, without waiting in line to check-in, while providers are automatically notified.

Check-Out In A Breeze

Empower customers to get moving immediately. Your provider can add retail or add-on services, then the customer’s mobile app automatically initiates payment.

Collect Feedback

Zenoti Go requests customer ratings after each visit. Customers can quickly leave reviews — and you can collect a goldmine of data.

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