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3 Surprising Benefits of Online Booking for Salons and Spas (When It's Done Right!)

Technology and trends are forever changing. Perhaps the only constant among this consistent change is that tech is continuing to

Modernize your Brand—and Fill Your Appointment Book with Online Booking

Most of us don’t think twice anymore about doing something online. From ordering coffee to depositing checks, the impact of

Chris Brown, 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons

Just as 18|8 makes steel perform better, 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons’ mission is to help successful men look, feel and

Powerful Algorithms

Maximize your appointment book yield and revenue automatically by avoiding gaps and recognizing processing times as available time slots for providers.


Zenoti ensures your online booking experience is responsive, beautifully branded, and works intuitively on any mobile device.

Track Online

Our core platform enables you to see where your online booking comes from including social, email and other online leads.

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